We are a young, dynamically developing temporary employment and personnel consulting agency, we have been operating on the Polish market since 2018. We employ a highly specialized staff of personnel advisers.

Our mission is to provide services at the highest level related to the fulfillment of obligations towards our clients by providing them with staff with the highest qualifications and skills.


We invite employers looking for innovative business solutions and new favorable opportunities to optimize the costs of hiring employees, which will be an alternative to traditional methods of hiring employees. We specialize in employees from various regions of Asia due to their reliability and diligence in performing the tasks entrusted to them and long-term employment in one job. Our experience will help you in the optimal selection of employees for the positions indicated by you.

We support employers in the following industries: production, construction, meat and finishing works. We also offer workers for the positions of cleaners and welders. Entrepreneurs who use our services can count on our experience and reliability in selecting appropriate candidates for the positions sought by Employers.

We offer an employee leasing service that will allow you to obtain qualified personnel and thus reduce the high cost of employee maintenance by the Employer. We provide full payroll services, employee management remains on our side and we offer constant access to employees. You only sign a leasing contract with us for a selected employee for a specific monthly amount.